May. 19th, 2011

ella_rose88: (Misha made me do it!)
so I just signed up for the [ profile] reel_merlin thing and I'm writing a Merlin fic cross over with It's a Wonderful Life (Thank god we have the movie too cuz I haven't seen it in a while). I decided to do this for a few reasons! 1. there are not many A/G fics being written on there and its mostly filled with A/M with G/L (which annoys me because I know that there are heaps of A/G fans and more of us then actual G/L fans) and 2. Misha made me using a icon of Chris Hemsworth so I couldn't refuse.

I had a nightmare last night where Gwen did have an affair with Lancelot and it left me feeling very distressed. I just hope that the producers of the show don't really hint at this possibility because it would break my little A/G shipper heart. I discussed with [ profile] hmsharmony the other day that they probably won't full on hint on it but they may leave it open for interpretation as they seem to be basing the show on the most popular versions of the legends. I think that it would be really sad if they did change from A/G to G/L. I hope that Jen is right and that they will leave it so that A/G fans are happy and can imagine a/G being happily married with little kids and the other shippers can do what they want.

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