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Ramblings of ella-rose88

I'm a student who lives in Australia. I'm currently studying a Disability & Developmental Education degree at uni. I would describe myself as being: creative, talkative, open-minded, overly sensitive (but that just means that I'm compassionate towards others) & very outgoing (though a tad shy). I enjoy reading books, especially historical novels (such as Pride & Prejudice), doing arty things and I love watching movies especially historical films. I absolutely love watching T.V after a long day studying.

Some of my favourite T.V shows at the moment are: Merlin, Doctor Who, Outlander, Call the Midwife, This Is Us, Love Child, Once Upon A Time & Chicago PD.

Some of favourite ships are: Arthur/Gwen (Merlin), Peeta/Katniss (THG), Snow/Charming & Captain Hook/Emma Swan (OUAT) & Jamie/Claire (Outlander)

In terms of fandoms, I co-mod an Arthur/Gwen community [profile] the_pendragons. I also make graphics/icons & write fanfiction, which you can find here @ [profile] m_in_wonderland.

My friending policy is OPEN, however, if you want me to friend you back feel free to comment here!

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