Mar. 3rd, 2011

ella_rose88: (Gwen Series 3 promo pic)
So I've been looking at the wonderful manifestos that people have written about Gwen or A/G and I'm wondering what on earth is a manifesto? So if anyone knows, please explain it to me. Why you may be asking do I want to know? Well, because I would love to write a little one that includes all the lovely Gwen or A/G moments from series 3 in it. Also I noticed that at the end of it, people tend to recommend their favourite fics or fanworks. I know that these are based on their opinions (which is fine and awesome!) but there were a few that I thought were really great and weren't included. Some of the fics that I loved were the first A/G fics I had read and enjoyed so much. Some fics that I loved are sometimes by people that aren't well known. Being one of the mods over at [ profile] ag_fics has given me the opportunity to meet new people that are great fic writers, but they sometimes don't get the recognition that they deserve. So I guess what I really would love to do is write a short manifesto (with the help of others) and then at the end include a rec' section that I will devise based on what people suggest to me. So tell me what you guys think?

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