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Happy New Year to Everyone!!!

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I hope everyone had a lovely New Year's!

Me, I had originally planned to go to a friends house where most of my friends were but I am still sick with a chest infection or something (seriously I've had it since Boxing Day and I should see a Doctor). Instead I went to a family friend's 21st party (they only live 5 minutes away, where my friend lives like an hour away and being sick just made me not feel like going that far!). It was fun but I ended up coming home at like 11am because I started losing my voice and just felt worse. The hot weather isn't helping either. Also my mum's back was really bad. My mum has two budging discs in her back and she is always in so much pain. She's having a procedure next week where they are going to inject fluid between the discs because apparently its bone on bone. I hope that it goes well and will give my mum some comfort.

Anyway, I'm hoping that 2012 will be a great year for everyone and myself too. I've had some highs and many lows but I feel like while things haven't great for me personally, I've done things I've never thought I would. I have a job and I've been overseas and that was one hell of an experience. I know that I've done things I'm not proud of and lost some friends because of it but I have also made lots of new friends as well.

My New Years resolution for me this year is to just work harder on getting better and beating depression. I want to be happy and feel more confident in myself and stop thinking and assuming the worst and letting what other's think of me determine what I think about myself. I realize that I have judged myself on what I thought others think of me (namely my sisters) and this has affected my self esteem and confidence. I really hope that I will develop a better self esteem because I know deep down that despite all of the mistakes I have made that I am a good person and that at the end of the day that is what matters. That I love myself and feel worthy of being loved.

Okay that's it from me. I feel terrible so I'm gonna go and have a rest!

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