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Gwen: I was so happy that there was so much Gwen in this episode. I was so happy to see that Gwen has friends that live outside of Camelot and her concern for John and Mary was so heartwarming and Gwen would just make a wonderful Queen.

I also loved that Gwen was so nice towards Lamia at the beginning and began to suspect (along with Merlin) that something wasn’t right.

Gwen/Merlin: I loved their scenes together and just to see them talking and working together to see what was up with Lamia was great to see. I also thought that they handled how the knights were treating them well. I think they knew that something wasn’t right.

Gwen/Elyan: finally we got some scenes between these two although Elyan acted like an ass when he was under Lamia’s spell. I was just happy to see Gwen concerned over her brother because she would be if he was nearly dying.

Merlin: I was happy to see him acting like physician although he kind of cheats with the magic. I mean he has been learning under Gaius for a while now so he has to know some medical knowledge. I also loved that he kept trying to get through to the knights and I applauded that he didn’t take what they said to him too personally because he knew that they weren’t acting like their normal selves. I just hope that the knights all apologized to Merlin and Gwen afterwards. In my head they did. Unless they don’t remember anything happening while they were under Lamia’s spell. But still they should apologize (after Gwen and Merlin tells them what happened) because they treated Gwen and Merlin appalling.

Arthur and A/G: I actually liked Arthur in this episode. I loved the scene with him, Gwen and Mary and it shows that Arthur does listen to Gwen and takes any matters she brings to him seriously. I loved that he said that he would help Mary and her village and said that it was important when Mary said she knew that it wasn’t that important. This shows that he truly cares for every citizen of Camelot and it was great to see this once again.

On to the A/G. I loved the hug! I loved their looks on each other. I loved how proud Arthur was of Gwen. I loved the hand holding and I loved the kiss! And I loved that Arthur knew Gwen’s tunic from anywhere (my mind did go to the gutter there okay! I couldn’t help it!).

Overall, I quite liked this episode. Sure, I’m over the whole every female that has magic is evil and hope that they will one day bring someone on this show who has magic but isn’t evil to show Arthur and Co. that not all everyone with magic is evil. But other than that I loved how much Gwen we got, how much G/M we got and we got some more great A/G scenes!

I'm half excited, half dreading 4x09! I'm excited for A/G getting engaged but not looking forward to Lancelot's return ruining this happy moment! I prefer Lancelot having his own story lines a way from the triangle, though I do want it resolved! I hope it will be in this episode. I also hope that eventually A/G will get through it all.

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