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I have no coherent words about the latest Merlin episode other than...

I loved how they managed to balance all the important relationships on the show. Wegot great A/M scenes, A/G scenes, Gwen/Merlin scenes (finally), Merlin/Morgana scenes (FINALLY!! They totally need to have angry hate sex right now). The girls had a role and it was great. Lucy Watkins totally needs to write every episode. She knows how to write an episode where all of the characters have a role and the relationships are given strong scenes!

It was great to see that Arthur wasn't portrayed as a fool in this episode. We saw him think out loud and it gives me hope that he's gonna work out that Agravaine is a mole and wants him gone and maybe just maybe he will figure out that Merlin has magic....

I loved the Merlin/Morgana stuff, the layers of Morgana we saw and I can’t get into the whole Morgana/Agravaine scenes because it makes me sick! The way they are with each other. Although I do think that Morgana is using him and is getting frustrated with him… My question is why is Agravaine helping Morgana when Arthur is his sister's son. I think I have to agree with [livejournal.com profile] sophielou21 theory that Agravaine was in love with Vivianne (Morgana's mother) and maybe he didn't get along with Igraine... (there is more to this theory on the C_L dicsussion post).

I just love that Lucy managed to give Morgana some depth and while she is evil and I don’t approve of the choices she is making now, we got to see why Morgana turned out how she did. That just because she is evil doesn’t mean she isn’t loyal. I mean she clearly cared for Moraguse. I won’t go into Morgana’s relationships with Arthur and Gwen and whether she really cared for them because it’s too hard but my point is we saw layers to Morgana. Katie was really great is this episode. Actually I think this is my fav episode of Morgana.

Gwen and Gaius working together was very enjoyable although I wished it was Gwen and Merlin butwe finally got some G/M so that was great. Granted Gwen knocked him cold a few times....

Finally A/G: I just loved that naked!Arthur scene and Gwen totally looked and I just love how Gwen won't leave when he like nods to her and that it took a while for Arthur to go behind that screen. It makes me wonder what would have happened if Gaius wasn't there.

I also enjoyed the A/G scene outside because it showed that though they disagree over things that they care for each other and that is so important for when they are married that they still listen to each other.

Lastly, that final scene between Merlin and Morgana with the show down was awesome! I give this episode 9.5 out of 10.

I can't wait for next week's episode and I so hope that Morgana discovers the truth about Merlin....
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