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one shot challenge 
One Shot Challenge 1: VOTING OPEN! 


Hello to my fellow Arthur/Gwen fans,

Voting has been opened over at [livejournal.com profile] ag_fics for the first One Shot Challenge: "Beginnings". Click HERE to read the 5 wonderful entries and place your votes! Voting closes on Tuesday 3rd August 2010 @ 12AM DST World Clock!

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Drabble Challenge 5: "AU"

Over at [info]ag_fics  we are currently hosting our 5th Drabble Challenge! The theme for this one is "AU" where participants can write fics set in a different reality than the show's cannon. Click HERE for more information on guidelines and get submitting! You have till Thursday 29th July 2010 to get your entries in!

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Drabble Challenge 4: deadline extended 


Due to the low number of entries received for this challenge, we have decided to extend the deadline to Monday 19th July 2010 @ 12AM DST (World Clock). Please click HERE to find out more information about the challenge!

Remeber you don't need to be a member of [info]ag_fics to participate in any of the challenges/ memes!

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ag_fics: A few reminders 


Hey A/G fans on my flist,

Just reminding you that there are a few challenges/ memes happening over at [livejournal.com profile] ag_fics:

- Firstly both the 1st Patchwork Meme & 1st Kink Meme are still open for people to participate. So feel free to check them out and contribute. It's been a while since anyone has contributed to the kink meme.
-Drabble Challenge 4 entries are due Thursday 15th July 2010 @ 12AM DST. The theme is "Triangle" and we have already received 2 entries so far, but we would love some more! So please visit the link for more information on guidelines.
- One shot Challenge 1 is still open too. The deadline for this challenge is Wednesday 21st July 2010 @ 12AM DST. The theme is "Beginnings" and we've already received 1 entry so far, but as always would love some more! So please visit the link for more information on guidelines and enter!

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One shot Challenge 1: Reminder

Hi fellow A/G fans on my flist,

This is another reminder that the 1st One chot Challenge: "Beginnings" over at [livejournal.com profile] ag_fics closes in 2 weeks. Entries are to be submitted by Wednesday 21st July @ 12AM DST (World Clock). We haven't received any entries yet, but would love some. So please check out the guidelines here for more information and enter!


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Voting Extended

 Arthur & Guinevere Fan Fiction Contest Community
Hey guys,

Due to the low number of votes received  for Drabble Challenge 3 over at [livejournal.com profile] ag_fics   we have decided to extend voting till Tuesday 29th June 9PM DST (World Clock ). Please if you haven't placed your votes, visit HERE to read the 7 lovely entries! We would love some more votes!


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