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Personally I felt that there were good parts in this episode and there were parts that weren’t needed or were edited in a wrong order. I think its clear that this episode was a set up for the events of 4x12 and 4x13. What’s sad is that it means they have wasted an episode that could have been great!

I really liked the focus on Gwen and how she’s coping away from Camelot. she so much blames herself and thinks she has gotten what she deserves so I really hope for her sake she realizes that she was enchanted. She till loves Arthur and that makes me happy because regardless of what they face, they can overcome it if they love each other and are willing to regain trust in each other.

Arthur - I half love you, half want to throw something at you because you are stubborn and you don’t listen to your instincts or your heart. I do think that he tried to make an effort to love Mirthin but couldn’t because despite the fact that he thinks Gwen betrayed him, he still loves her and he can’t be without her. We learnt that Gwen means everything to me, more than his kingdom which I have seen some reviewers say isn’t good because the kingdom should be more important to him. I disagree because I believe that Arthur can balance his love for Gwen and Camelot because Gwen loves Camelot just as much as he does and that’s why they would make perfect monarchs.

I got annoyed that he kept telling Merlin that he would exile him if he spoke about Agravaine and then he asks for Merlin’s advice. I have a feeling that maybe this is setting up for when Arthur finds out the truth behind Gwen’s actions in 4x09 and that Agravaine is the traitor that he should listen to himself and people that clearly care about him and give him good advice.

Morgana and Agravaine: I just don’t get why Agravaine is so loyal to Morgana. Is it because he loves her or he is using her? Morgana I get. Agravaine I don’t and its frustrating.

Merlin: I loved that he really kept getting annoyed at Arthur while he was courting that Princess (who I really liked actually, the Princes I mean!) because he's such an A/G shipper and I just liked that he kept mentioning Gwen and giving Arthur advice because deep down while Arthur tells him off Merlin knows his opinion matters to Arthur. I cried when Merlin realized that the dear was actually Gwen and saved her by healing her. I loved that hug! and Merlin not caring about the banishment and not wanting to leave her. I love that friendship so much and maybe, maybe I will ship it one day! LOL nah I still love A/G but if I had a second OTP it would be Gwen/Merlin.

Overall I do believe that A/G will resolve their issues and it won’t be a quick fix because they still haven’t resolved it (unlike in past series. Although I miss that). I know that some people are hating Arthur now and are considering stopping A/G, but personally I won’t because I believe that the show will have A/G reunite in a satisfying way where both Gwen and Arthur redeem themselves. I believe that Arthur will become the noble Once & Future King of Camelot its just that it hasn’t happened straight away because being King is really hard and full of so much pressure and expectations.

Onto other matters, I’m sick and tired of the hating on the show, Arthur and people abandoning the ship just coz they believe the show won’t resolve it. Instead they just spread their negativity, dismiss other people’s opinions even if they have legit stuff in it and I’m just sick and tired of it all!

I can be mad at Arthur and still love him if I bloody want to. I can ship A/G even if they are going through shitty times. Just because Arthur has made bloody huge mistakes doesn’t mean he can’t redeem himself. So while I understand people’s lack of faith I wish they did have faith and believed in redemption because we have all made shitty mistakes in our lives. And sometimes it takes us a while to realize them because we may repress them (which is what Arthur does and hell I have too) but it doesn’t mean that he can’t redeem himself and that Gwen shouldn’t be with him. At the end of the day its up to Gwen and her choice! Whether she can trust him and believe in him again (if they address that) and I’m not going to hate Gwen for that. We all have our limits and its different to different people depending on their feelings and thoughts.

I wish people would stop telling people they opinions are wrong or implying that they are. It’s one thing if the opinion is hateful but just because you might not agree with someone doesn’t mean that they opinions don’t have anything legit backing it up. People say that everyone’s opinions should be respected and yet I’m always seeing people dismissing other’s opinions (some of them needed to be given insight which is true because they are mean and disrespectful against characters/ships) because they don’t understand it and just throwing at them their opinions with their evidence and god its just frustrating. People should just agree to disagree and accept the fact that we all have different opinion and we can’t force people to think like we do. And when I say people I sort of mean me. I feel like some people do dismiss my opinions and don’t try and see that I may have legit points when I try to to see theirs. So yeah.. that makes me feel very sad…

End of rant :/

My thread at the Holiday Love Meme is still open! Comment on mine here! Thanks to the one person who has commented on it so far! You're comment made my day ♥!

I have also opened up the 2011 Arthur & Gwen Christmas Fest over at my comm [livejournal.com profile] m_in_wonderland. I encourage anyone who loves A/G or loved A/G up till 4x09 to join in and have lots of fun! Maybe you don't like what has happened in series 4, but you still loved A/G in the first place for many reasons and why not celebrate that and just for a while forget the stuff you don't like!
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