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This is the first episode of this series that I want to want again and again. I must admit I was scared to watch this one but it was better than I thought it would be.

Firstly, I have to say that I thought that Queen Annis was great and you could tell that she just wanted revenge after Arthur killed her husband.

I totally felt so annoyed that Arthur let Agravaine words about killing Caerleon and breaking things of with Gwen get to him. But I think he really showed that he was just trying to prove to the kingdom that he can be a great King. I was totally thinking that Gwen's words after Arthur broke things off were totally playing in his head over and over. That and Merlin's words too. I loved that this episode we got get scenes between Arthur and Merlin and A/G. We got a great balance of them and its great to see that both Merlin and Gwen are a source of guidance and support to Arthur.

I was happy that Arthur did try his best to make up for the shitty choices he made. I loved how he slowly came to realize that killing Caerleon wasn't the right decision (despite his intentions). I must say that I was proud that Arthur accepted the clap from Annis because he knew that she had a right to be very angry with him, after all he did have her husband killed. This shows that while Arthur sometimes makes crappy decisions, he still has the ability to see his mistakes and then do his best to rectify them. I just hope that he learns to never make such mistakes again.

Morgana - She was totally bamf and I think that its ironic that she finally mentions Gorlois has being the one that raised her when I think that Uther raised her from when he was like 8 till series 2/3 ish. I think she just used it because Annis knew her 'father'. But Annis was right on the money in the end. Morgana is definitely her father's daughter and is so blinded by hatred that she doesn't see that what she is doing is wrong. She can't see that Arthur would make a better ruler than she ever could.

Agravaine - I love that he was in this episode more and all of that. But I still want to know his motivations. Why he is working with Morgana? I mean Morgana is just Uther's illegitimate kid when Arthur is his nephew. I'm just dying to know if they will actually reveal to us this because I just need to know why Agravaine would want Arthur dead.

A/G- I just loved the scenes between A/G! I just have no words! I just loved them. Though I was pissed off with Arthur when he decided to listen to his uncle. I loved the last scene between them. That kiss! Yep they totally did it afterwards. And then Gwen totally got a little revenge!

All in all I quite enjoyed this episode. I would give it a 9/10.
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