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so I watched it yesterday and I'm in shock. I knew it was gonna happen but I'm still in shock. My rambling review under the cut.

Arthur/Merlin: I loved the Arthur/Merlin scenes! We got to see Arthur actually admit that Merlin is his friend and that was so great and moving. I loved all of their scenes. Though I wished that Gwen was in it more with Arthur and Merlin because they gonna be ruling together and they get along so well. Or maybe I just wished there was more Gwen in it.

I also loved the little A/G one too. I think Gwen knew that he didn't want a hug in that moment. (I have more thoughts on this scene down further...)

I felt really bad for Merlin at the end because he so wanted to change Arthur's view on magic but Morgana got in the way. I do so hope that Merlin finds a way to help change Arthur's mind in regards with magic. We need that to happen.

I must say that I found Morgana's way of killing Uther anticlimactic. After last year and her attempts to kill him I would have loved for her to have actually been there to do it. I mean she really hated him and while she enchanted the necklace charm it was Agraivaine that got to give it to him. I think Morgana's reaction was weird too, she was conflicted which was great to see. But why? Because Uther was her father or because she thought it would make her happy and it hasn't.

Bradley was superb in this episode. His scenes made me cry and the end when he was crowned (I hate that crown!) and Gwen and Merlin were so proud. Their faces! I loved it!

I just wished that that Gauis could have told Arthur that it was Morgana that actually killed him (or just made it go quicker because he was fatally wounded!) because now Arthur hates magic just when it looked like he was going to come around to it.

I know some people think that being sad over Uther's death isn't right considering what he has done. However, I do think that Uther was blinded by his grief over his wife's death and while what he did for the 20 or so years after it is totally wrong, I did love seeing the loving side of Uther. He said he was proud of his son and it meant a lot for Arthur for Uther to say that because let's face it the Pendragons are not so good with dealing with the emotional stuff a lot of the time.

Now is it just me or is everyone not excited by A/G anymore? I mean I know that A/M had some great moments in 4x03 but I do think that the Gwen look at the end when Arthur is crowned king was very moving....

I wasn’t happy that there wasn’t another A/G scene. Like I loved the little A/G scene but everyone else is complaining about it, that Gwen should have given Arthur some comfort. But I think that Gwen knew that Arthur didn’t want that. Also it did look like Gwen was going to when she said “oh Arthur” but then didn’t so maybe she was going to but realised that he didn’t need it in that moment. I just think he needed someone to listen to him, if you know what I mean. Also I have a feeling that Gwen knew (and Arthur too) that Uther wasn’t going to make it.

People also seem to be upset that Gwen said that she is doing it for Arthur, but honestly we know that Gwen is doing for that reason. After all Uther nearly killed her twice and murdered her father. The point is that Gwen loves and cares for Arthur so much that she was only taking care of Uther because that is what you do when you love someone.

God this is so rambling but my point is I just hope we get some more A/G scenes because I know that A/M will always be more important, but A/G are gonna get married at some point and Lancelot is gonna cause problems and before that happens I want some A/G ness being cute and adorable and kissing.

Comments are ♥ and appreciated!
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