Jun. 23rd, 2011

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Help the Fight against Depression and Other Mental Disorders!

Hello everyone!

As you may have read in my previous posts, I am hosting a Fan-work Auction at [livejournal.com profile] m_in_wonderland to help raise some money for Beyondblue which is an Australian non-for-profit organization that helps raise awareness for depression and other Metal Health Disorders in Australia. This post is just letting you know that it is now OPEN!

As I have some personal experience with depression, my aim is to help raise some awareness and help with the stigma that is often associated with it. By raising some money, hopefully this will help professional find out more about Depression and other Mental Disorders so that they can provide the best services and support to both suffers and their families/carers.

The Auction starts NOW(23rd of June) and will CLOSE on the 4th July at 11.59 DST (World Clock).

Any fandoms (including Merlin of course!) are welcome!

To find out more information on how you can get involved in this important cause, please visit here. If you want more information on Depression or any other Mental Disorders, feel free to go to here.

Also, I would love it if people helped me try and promote this around the place! I'm still waiting on word from various communities about whether I can promote it, so I need help getting the word out.

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