May. 12th, 2011

ella_rose88: (Gwen promo :: series 2)
So [ profile] hondagirl has posted a lovely meme called The You are Beautiful Meme where people can post comments to each other anonymously to tell each other what they find beautiful, magnificent and wonderful about you. My thread is here. Feel free to comment there and promote it on your own journals and spread the love. I think that there is nothing better than taking the time to stop and tell people what you like about them. Especially at this time of the year when everyone tends to be stressed.

Life Update:

I've just spent a few hours at the child care centre. I was in the baby room and I had a good time. Though I'm so use to being with the older, more talkative children. It's always a bit interesting getting use to the younger ones, but I do enjoy it. I've also manged to drive to and from the centre as well. It's quite a nice, easy drive too so hopefully it won't be long till I'll be driving there by myself. I feel more confident driving now that I'm doing it more frequently. It's true: practice makes prefect! I think making the decision to try and pull away from fandom was the right choice for me. I've made a lot of progress already in only a week.

Also I've managed to do some more fic writing. Thanks to everyone who commented on my first fic! I really appreciate it so much!

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