Mar. 30th, 2011

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♥  Firstly, I've just posted the poll about the First Long Challenge over at [ profile] ag_fics HERE. Basically we just want to know how many people are planning to enter the challenge so we have an idea of numbers. So please if you have the free time, hop over there and do the poll. It's super quick to fill out.

♥ I'm got another cold now which is just so annoying. For many reasons because I was going to try and do three days at the child care centre. But oh well that is life. What can ya do?

♥ I've been cheer-leading both [ profile] rainbow_connec and [ profile] railise with their Merlin Big Bang and I'm really enjoying it girls! Keep up the great work! I'm enjoying working with your girls so far.

♥ Trying to decided whether to do what [ profile] mydoctortennant is doing and remain spoiler free with Merlin. I mean it would mean that I don't know what might happen and be like really surprised when I watch it. That would be good, except that I'm totally not good at not being in the know. I'm the kind of girl that reads the end of a book before the beginning and middle. Which is weird, I know. But its a habit that I got into doing. Also I like speculating what might happen. That's fun. But then last year when we got those pics of the A/G snog in the courtyard and then we saw it in 3x13 it wasn't has good because 1. I didn't like the camera view (it was too far away) and 2. I had already seen it because someone posted the video, so it wasn't as special I guess then if I didn't see it before.

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