Mar. 21st, 2011

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Dragon Egg
The Easter Exchange

I hereby invite you, my friends, to join the exchange! It's an exchange for friends with friends so don't be afraid to join the comm and sign-up to be a part of the exchange!


Also: Does anyone know how to fix this layout so that there isn't a gab between the top of the page and my header? I'm getting frustrating with LJ! I also suck at fixing codes and such.....


Mar. 21st, 2011 05:17 pm
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Don't worry this post is gonna be happier than my previous posts (YIPEE!)

+ I went out on Saturday night with some friends. I had a pretty great night and got a tad drunk, but it made me tired so I left early. It was good to let off some steam.

+Yesterday I caught up with another friend that I hadn't seen in a while and we saw a movie Conviction.Spoilers! )

+ Being Human is back on TV in Oz. Though I've watched it, I watched it again Friday night. It will be interesting re-watching the whole series again!

+ This Friday I will also start watching Miranda because [ profile] mydoctortennant recommended it to me~! LOL It has Tom Ellis too so that's not too bad (even if I end up mot liking it. Which I doubt XD)

+Finally finished most of the Doctor Who series (S2-S4), bar some of the specials! I tried watching series 1 but I don't think that the guy who played Nine was suited to the role. It might be because I've watched Matt Smith and David Tennant in the role and both of them do a great job. I honestly can't pick my favourite between them!

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